2 min readAug 10, 2022

A simple and powerful language to express truly autonomous DAOs.

TLDR: Humanizing the chain-human computer interface to merge the efficiency of traditional startups with the distributed incentives structure of trustless global networks and the predictability of automatically enforced contracts for users through geometry.

Layman introduction:

“Ah, now I understand what DAOs are” it’s what my grandma would say if I tried to explain her DAOs through that animation, but my grandma is dead.

Q: What’s the deal with these sphere like structures?

A: They’re just representations

It’s useful to think geometrically sometimes, for example, how would you explain what a sphere is to a blind person? Try gesticulating a bit, yeah it doesn’t work that well. “It’s that round figure” maybe getting close.

The answer is: a sphere is the set of all points in 3D that are equally distant from a center.

If you think of an Organization as a Sphere, then you divide the Sphere Surface in equal parts, you have a Decentralized Organization, plug some Math into it and automate its behavior on a chain and you have a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Think the fun it’s over?

DAOs are incredibly inefficient because they aren’t fractally scalable.

Guess what? Goldberg DAOs can fractally scale with the click of a button, indefinitely.

There’s actually 4 templates general enough to represent any organization in our current ruliadic assembly space, each one is combined in the Magnetically Self-Assembling DAOVerse.

Eventually everything on the internet will be maintained by a DAO.

(Whatever happens on the chain stays on the chain, forever.)

Impact DAOs will save the world, incentivized open source software for a solar punk future.

a slide from our pitch deck

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