Have you heard about DAOverses?

4 min readAug 29, 2021


This one’s a short one, don’t worry

World schematics

In our last article we introduced you to the Goldberg Polyhedron, a really cool solid with peculiar properties, in this article we’re gonna talk about the world structure and NFTs mapping.

Data organization to minimize computational expenses

Given any Goldberg Polyhedron GP(x,0) we can always construct these structures.

Since these polyhedrons always have 12 Pentagons in their “Sphere Tessellation” we thought it would have been cool to find 12 Solarity’s Partners that will help us in growing and delivering what we’re over-promising.
(We’re in advanced talks with some other Solana Protocols)

These 12 Partners will have assigned a 0x number (0 to B=11)

Graph representing the Polyhedron, this one will be useful to anyone that’s gonna try this through our Github

We’re gonna use this graph to map the NFTs to their 3D model representation (Software rendered world)

(Each color represents a partner protocol. Had to manually color the tiles so leave a like or whatever)

Solarity’s world is a GP(561,0)

These are the tiles that are gonna compose Solarity’s main metaverse

This means that every single one of the 12 “Pentagons” has:
1 Pentagon tile
5 Hex tiles surrounding the pentagon (“Head-quarters”)
193'905 Hex tiles divided in 5 sub-sectors, each composed of 38'781 Hexes

The sub-sectors in the middle (orange) belong to the Solarity DAO:
20 sub-sectors composed of 40'177 tiles each.

On top of these stats, each Pentagon will be connected to its neighbors through a “road”:
Roads are composed of 558 Hexes, belong to the DAO and are un-transferable.
(Tiles that are adjacent to Roads will act like shop windows, potentially having roads divided for categories of shopping)

The world will be composed of 3'147'212 tiles, each one of them (approximately only Hexes because 12 Pentagons against 3'147'200 Hexes)
will have a surface of 100 squared meters.
(This detail will be appreciated only when the DAPP MVP is ready)

Planned auction

We plan on hosting an auction soon for these tiles, as soon as Partners Protocols are announced.

Proceeds from sub-sector tiles assigned to partners will go directly to partners designed addresses and proceeds from Solarity’s sub-sectors will be in escrow until the code for the DAO and the Tokens programs are successfully audited.

The NFTs will be enumerated (algorithm ready) and will be divided in
Sub-sector Collections or Road Collections or Head-Quarter Collections.

We will map the NFTs to the 3D world using Pentagons as points of references, more precisely we’ll map the tiles in a Graph and we’ll implement a version of Dijkstra’s algorithm to calculate shortest paths (weights of links will be tunable to have swamps or highways effects on travel speeds) on the sphere surface, this will be useful to anyone that wants to develop a game using Solarity’s world as their world.
(Already working on an awesome P2E game that got us addicted in our teenager years)

Regarding using Solarity’s world for any game:
We’ll release an all-in-one app that allows anyone to create their own token-based Metaverse that will also leverage on Serum’s market engines.

(Pre) Pre-alpha of DAOs Control Room (Goldberg Planetary Metaverse + DAO Governance + On-chain Tunable Economics)

Anyone will be able to launch their “DAOverse” either through Solarity, burning an X quantity (depending on the world size) of our community tokens, or by themselves, since the code will be open-sourced.

The really cool never seen before thing is that we have developed expanding “DAOverses”. If the DAO agreed on expanding the world, it could re-iterate the Goldberg Polyhedron Genesis Algorithm and add equal tiles to their DAOverse.

This is really really really useful as a way to have continuous funding for DAOs.

Overview of the planned auction:

Thanks for the attention, hope you’re as thrilled as we are!

Author: @thesensatore, Rocco Pardini