Have you heard about DAOverses?

World schematics

In our last article we introduced you to the Goldberg Polyhedron, a really cool solid with peculiar properties, in this article we’re gonna talk about the world structure and NFTs mapping.

Data organization to minimize computational expenses
Graph representing the Polyhedron, this one will be useful to anyone that’s gonna try this through our Github
(Each color represents a partner protocol. Had to manually color the tiles so leave a like or whatever)

Solarity’s world is a GP(561,0)

These are the tiles that are gonna compose Solarity’s main metaverse

Planned auction

We plan on hosting an auction soon for these tiles, as soon as Partners Protocols are announced.

(Pre) Pre-alpha of DAOs Control Room (Goldberg Planetary Metaverse + DAO Governance + On-chain Tunable Economics)

Overview of the planned auction:



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