Solarity as the Metaverse Framework

7 min readFeb 3, 2022


The platform to trade, create and manage your metaverses all in one place.

A galaxy of metaverses and experiences

The terms NFT and Metaverse aren’t a niche knowledge anymore, your parents probably asked what all the fuss was about.
We have seen a trillion dollar company change its name to Meta to jump on the metaverse wave, while it owns the leading VR headset manufacturer.
So how can we crypto people compete and create a fully decentralized and community-owned metaverse web? Simple, by onboarding and bringing together communities.

A map of the different big crypto groups, and how we plan on bridging them all together

The metaverse by definition is a virtual space owned by people, by users that give life to it by using it, creating and adding value to the platform. So how can we get them? Solarity seeks to bring together projects from NFTs, crypto, and web3 to facilitate creation and exploration through one common platform.
We don’t want to compete, we want to use and empower what is already out there in our platform, while analyzing and creating our products.

Solarity wants to provide an immersive user aggregator by effectively bringing the perception of reality to the decentralized world using distributed cloud computing services and XR spaces maintaining the highest privacy & cybersecurity standards.

The different categories that will have to communicate to create our definition of Metaverse

Building the future of community management

The clearest example of empowerment thorugh ownership are NFTs, and we have the most loyal and attached community that I have ever seen, not only in crypto but in general.

To attract them, we want to give them a better communicating experience and start giving a meaning to their NFTs.

We are building tools to:
- give a VR platform to the NFT community,
- Let them trade whatever they want
- Give them analytics tools to further more develop their community and project
- DAO facilitator

The first products that we are working on are:

VR Rooms

By providing a 3D working and managing space to crypto communities, you provide them a platform that functions as a 3D interactive Discord, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

In those rooms, users can:
- Create vote proposals
- Vote on DAO matters
- Have meetings, voice chat will be available (cross-DAO interactions)
- Sell/Buy NFTs
- Play Casino games
- Bet $Verse tokens with your community
- Analyze data and trade NFTs and cryptocurrencies
- Chill

The Goldberg Revolution

By using the Goldberg Polyhedron structure to divide land in a sphere, we can have continuous expanding DAOs, NFT fractionalization and much more:


To have the community more united, we will make it easy and immediate to create or import your DAO. Since we are building an NFT DAO governance, by simply airdropping one NFT of the same collection to each member we have a DAO, and that NFT is going to be their terrain in the DAOverse they just created. Once the Solarity XR metaverse app is released, users will already have their own customizable space inside it.
We are providing communities a:
-DAO creator;
- A place to manage their DAO interactively and socialize
- A land on their future community’s metaverse inside Solarity.

An image showing the skeleton of a DAOverse

NFT Fractionalization

By providing a way to equally distribute a value of an asset, the creation of a DAOverse associated to the value of an NFT is possible, where each land represents partial ownership, so that a Monkey can be owned by 100 people and belong to the SMB #1941 DAO.

Metaverse Mortage

Mortgages and financing availability will expedite the development and adoption of the metaverse.

Moving forward, prospective clients can use the Solarity’s website to explore metaverse land listings, then finalize the brokerage process with the company. Solarity’s DAO holds the virtual land as the registered owner until the loan is paid back. Each transaction is collateralized with the underlying virtual real estate, which is represented as a landNFT.

The Metaverse Interface

To have an accessible and interactive metaverse, it needs to run on any potato PC and needs to be accessible via mobile, since that’s where a lot of users are.

That is why we are developing our Rooms and the interfaces using exclusively HTML and JS XR libraries.
Thanks to libraries like Aframe, Three.js and webGL you can have VR experiences runned on the browser with the least amount of hardware required possible.
The same libraries are used to build AR applications, so that we can provide an XR experience for the users instantly, making the IRL and virtual metaverses meet in Solarity.

The metaverse interface will show you a customizable and personal UI, similar to a VR desktop where you will be able to see all your NFTs in 3D and see data of any website that provides an API, so Twitter, Binance, Decentraland, Magic Eden etc.

A brief view on the metaverse inteface, with a space to create, manage and socialize with your DAOs

Cross-Metaverse Marketplace

By using Solana as our first chain, we have the possibility of using existing EVMs and have a marketplace that includes all the different metaverses’ NFTs, from Ethereum’s Decentraland and Sandbox to Solana’s Portals and Somnium.

In one place, you will be able to see all the different metaverses assets together in one place,trade them or trade your entire DAOverses.
Since DAOverses can really be anything, from developer services to VC membership and real life real estate, it will literally be a marketplace for anything.

P2E games and dAPPS

To give a reason for users to come back and have fun in our platform, the team is finalizing some 2D P2E games that were already started before Solarity.
The Arcade section will have them, and in there we have a space where users join, battle and have fun in rewards of tokens.
The roadmap of all these games will be to be implemented in Solarity’s XR library of experiences, and start selling NFTs and their community for each one.
One example that is being worked on is SolVegas, a decentralized casinò built on Solana.

Our goal is to have users log in our App to see their stats in other metaverses, to check on their digital assets, to manage their DAOs and communities, to socialize, to trade and to have a taste of an XR experience, while preparing to release new features and new updates to our platform.

Long Term Solarity

By having acquired users with the previous steps, we plan on releasing our XR game and give a meaning to the lands we previously airdropped, letting users have a full SimCity/GTA/VR chat experience.

The Composable Metaverse

Instead of working on a walled Web2 or a “fenced” Web3 garden, we have built a framework that will allow anyone to host their own metaverse.

It’s much better for the users and the community to have as much choice as possible and not be limited by Virtual Land Tycoons as it’s happening on Decentraland and Sandbox where the Land Economics have completely been ignored and the users are left with a disappointing super-expensive planar world.

A very well known technique when it comes to stopping a wildfire out of control (Web2 Private & Censorship friendly metaverse) is to have small patches of fire surrounding it to prevent destructive expansion.

Those small fires will be DAOverses and they’ll enable creators to have trustless interactions among themselves and their communities.

In layman terms, we will make it possible for anyone to have a spherical & expandable, personal decentraland.

The Metaverse “Lite”

By providing a place to trade their asset and to analyze their data, other metaverses like Somnium, Decentraland and Sandbox can be interested in having API like tools providing brief tastes of their platform easily to anybody on any site.
Just like Roblox have different experiences, so different spaces where games and interactions happen, same thing can be done for the different metaverses out there right now.

Imagine before buying a land on Decentraland, you can have a brief taste of it from the Solarity’s metaverse marketplace, and go back instantly to surfing thepage.
This way we can have a Youtube like activity, just instead of you choosing what videos you are going to view, you will choose what experience you want to jump in, aggregated from the different metaverses.

XR Focus

While the tech industry has been focused on building virtual reality metaverses, we’ve been building the real world metaverse.

Cool animation on how our everyday life can be influenced by AR

Since the most accessible way to view things from mobile or any device is a browser, we are focusing on optimizng as much as we can the HTML power. The requirements were simple:

  1. Build a decentralized XR Cloud “database” for pinning 3D models, NFTs, and spatial anchors. These pinned models will be accessible both in AR and in VR digital twins.
  2. Build an Web based game engine so that people will be able to easily create their own experience from anywhere, and execute them instantly. Something similar to what they are doing at Play Canvas.
  3. Build apps and new experiences to interact with the content in the real world via AR on mobile devices or Hololens/MagicLeap glasses.
  4. Be the AR and VR bridge, where users should be able to see each other’s avatars and communicate in their respective experiences. By powering and always following the new amazing XR technologies that are coming out, we can build a platform to truly be co-present across dimensions and interact with the same pinned digital content.


  • Publish XRapp where you can see and manage your belongings
  • Create your own DAO and get airdropped your piece of land
  • Buy/Sell NFTs in XR
  • Manage your DAOs in XR
  • Metaverses marketplace
  • Develop P2E games accessible in arcade section inside your crypto room
  • Release game app, with “Metaverse Lite”
  • Develop 3D world using community resources
  • Solarity’s main world auction
  • Gov token auction
  • Miners program
  • Cloud gaming platform