Solarity as the Metaverse Framework

A galaxy of metaverses and experiences
A map of the different big crypto groups, and how we plan on bridging them all together
The different categories that will have to communicate to create our definition of Metaverse

Building the future of community management

VR Rooms

The Goldberg Revolution

An image showing the skeleton of a DAOverse

The Metaverse Interface

A brief view on the metaverse inteface, with a space to create, manage and socialize with your DAOs

Cross-Metaverse Marketplace

P2E games and dAPPS

Long Term Solarity

The Composable Metaverse

The Metaverse “Lite”

XR Focus

Cool animation on how our everyday life can be influenced by AR
  1. Build a decentralized XR Cloud “database” for pinning 3D models, NFTs, and spatial anchors. These pinned models will be accessible both in AR and in VR digital twins.
  2. Build an Web based game engine so that people will be able to easily create their own experience from anywhere, and execute them instantly. Something similar to what they are doing at Play Canvas.
  3. Build apps and new experiences to interact with the content in the real world via AR on mobile devices or Hololens/MagicLeap glasses.
  4. Be the AR and VR bridge, where users should be able to see each other’s avatars and communicate in their respective experiences. By powering and always following the new amazing XR technologies that are coming out, we can build a platform to truly be co-present across dimensions and interact with the same pinned digital content.


  • Publish XRapp where you can see and manage your belongings
  • Create your own DAO and get airdropped your piece of land
  • Buy/Sell NFTs in XR
  • Manage your DAOs in XR
  • Metaverses marketplace
  • Develop P2E games accessible in arcade section inside your crypto room
  • Release game app, with “Metaverse Lite”
  • Develop 3D world using community resources
  • Solarity’s main world auction
  • Gov token auction
  • Miners program
  • Cloud gaming platform




The world’s first self-sustainable user-aggregator experiences-provider metanetwork built on @solana for everyone!

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The world’s first self-sustainable user-aggregator experiences-provider metanetwork built on @solana for everyone!

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