Solarity explained.


We want Solarity to be the ultimate metaverse experience provider, the pineal gland connecting our res cogitans: Solana, a blockchain where truth is defined by code; and our res extensa: anything a developer can imagine (and actually code).

We imagine:

  • Virtual cities, parks, mountains or beach places
  • Virtual reality decentralized casinos for provably fair betting or entertainment
  • Virtual decentralized banks with real or ai customer care
  • Virtual shopping experiences and decentralized e-commerce
  • Virtual concerts
  • Nft-art museum like exhibitions
  • Virtual reality zoom-like p2p applications. Private, secure & authentic (signing with pvt keys for id)
  • Private virtual parties
  • Virtual fitness experiences
  • Virtual educational scientific experiences (this use-case is highly underrated)
  • Virtual bars
  • Virtual-reality powered social networks
  • Virtual social trading platform

A distant guiding pole star:

Building this amazing community would make it easy to eventually build the ultimate VR standalone headset that receives the livestreamed input from Solarity’s cloud computing distributed network, enabling for lightweight and cheap to build VR headsets, the perfect solution to scale VR headsets, developed and patented by the Solarity DAO, monetizing the project through NFT authentication of the headset.

We believe there are 6 major driving forces that make the idea behind Solarity inevitable:

  • Renewable energy means that there’s energy lost due to the lack of an energy storing system(hydrogen is far from being widely adopted). This could be the incentive to mine (provide computation to the network) on Solarity rather than lose the excess energy forever.
  • The proof of stake revolution will offload a lot of GPUs/CPUs used to provide security to major protocols (most notably Ehereum) to other lucrative applications (maybe mining on Solarity)
  • The global average internet connection speed will always be greater than that of yesterday.
  • There’s excess liquidity in major defi protocols treasuries that venturing in an idea such as Solarity won’t sound that crazy as it would have 4 years ago.
  • Virtual reality is almost ready for mass adoption. (
  • There’s a lot of anonymous multimillionaire memes on crypto twitter that want a place to anonymously and virtually have fun.

We also believe there’s a major incentive in our system:

We offer the ability to kickstart a positive loop in the digitalization of the world by incentivizing the acquisition of high-end computer specs and to be lent on Solarity when not in use. This is computation-sharing, thanks to Solana.
The largest, most powerful and reliable distributed computation network.

How is something like Solarity useful?

The more the world is interconnected, the more there’s value in the largest networks, with Solarity we offer the best incentives for users to join the ecosystem. We can be cool as anyone else and also provide cloud computed high end experience of the best contents around.

How is solarity profitable?

Solarity receives fees from tenants* revenues (likely 0.3%) and uses these fees to pay for a cloud computing network to serve users. Solarity also receives fees from advertising deals on the network (likely 3%).

Solarity’s architecture:

Solarity is both Solana’s decentraland and Solana’s golem if you want an easy to understand comparison. There’s virtual land, the metaverse’s information and deterministic engine (Solarity’s land and its programs running on Solana) , and, there’s the metaverse’s manifestation, the cloud computed experience livestreamed on the user’s browser.

Possibilities enabled:

Let’s assume developers are served with a cloud computing platform, decentralized storage (IPFS or Filecoin) and a DAOs infrastructure to be able to easily form and manage shared economic value through smart contracts and governance tokens.

  • Solarity offers new marketing tools to explore new business models
  • players in-game ownership
  • transparency
  • certified authenticity


We want to unite the entirety of the ecosystem on a project that would benefit everyone and we want this project to be community owned.


Provide the best & easiest metaverse experience to onboard billions of people to the Solana ecosystem combining cloud computed virtual realities and browser-wallets to sign in as user credentials, while being completely self-sustainable, through advertised virtual events, virtual billboards and virtual businesses deals.


We want the virtual reality that we always dreamt of to come true. We wanna get there by providing the best tools and the most powerful computation to developers



  • Publish whitepaper
  • Gather social exposure in the Solana & crypto-twitter community
  • Ask for ecosystem growth grant
  • Use grant to create:
    Solarity’s DAO and easy management platform (proposal submission and voting)
    VR standalone application demo (blockchain agnostic)
    Kickstart Solarity (blockchain backend connected to VR
    Demo to explore possibilities enabled by VR assets registered on Solana)
  • Launch Solarity (Begin the token airdrop schedule that will distribute 50M tokens to the first 1.3M addresses registered.
  • Plan seed round, raising capital by offering Solarity’s DAO governance tokens. The money raised by this seed will be deposited in the DAOs treasury and will be controlled by seed participants through the newly acquired governance tokens. This way we guarantee that Solarity is a solid & serious project.
  • Research & develop distributed cloud computing platform
    And offer it through Solarity’s client.
  • Develop an SDK and use a lot of the funds raised to plan a
    Solarity hackaton for people to develop their own tenant app using our noob-friendly SDK. (that doesn’t require code)

Integrate & partner with as much as possible Solana protocols:

  • Civic for identity
  • Serum for any kind of conversion in transactions or microtransactions
  • Audius for VR concerts & official metaverse’s audio provider & musical label
  • Media network to be the official metaverse’s media provider
  • Metaplex & Sollectify to offer easy to set-up virtual stores and decentralized VR e-commerce.
  • FTX foundation for charity donations and TSM live virtual e-sports events. (imagine being able to observe league of legends match from inside the arena like a rally competition using VR)
  • Many more partnerships, everyone has a plan for VR implementation
  • Once Solarity has reached this step, revenues are distributed to verse token holders and 10% of the revenues go to FTX charity foundation
    (thanks to a really high level of automation we can donate 10% of all revenues)


Our great filters:

  • Not being able to launch the DAO
  • Not being able to raise capital at 1st seed
  • Not being able to develop a cloud computing backbone

How to maximize chances of success:

  • Having the right incentives
  • Having the right guarantees over DAO’s treasury management
  • Have a vast, deep and quality network to source for the brightest minds and the right amount of capital.


Our competition in the space would come from:



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