Solarity’s Tokenomics

Digital land model:

A 314M square meters square matrix in which each square meter has a default price of 1 VERSE, Solarity’s native utility token.

The project’s architecture is inspired by the decentraland project.

Three layers architecture:

  1. Land content layer (IPFS)
  2. Real-time layer (Solarity/Cloud Computing Network)


VERSE Tokens represent ownership in the Solarity universe.

  • Holders of VERSE tokens can receive airdrops from projects launching on the Solarity Metaverse.
  • Stakers of VERSE tokens can receive discounts on cloud computing fees. (this is the case for businesses operating as DAOs on top of Solarity)
  • If a platform disconnects from Solarity, their VERSE tokens are transferred to the treasury and burnt, reducing the token supply.

Token allocation:

30% Community FUND

Airdrop over time means:

Every users from the first to the #1.3M receives:

Community FUND means:

A treasury’s fund of VERSE tokens to establish partnerships between protocols to bring their work on Solarity and make them feel part of the project by effectively granting them network shares, in the form of VERSE tokens, providing the best incentives to build on Solarity.

VERSE tokens lock-up period:

VERSE tokens distributed at seed round and public auction are locked up for:

VERSE tokens easter egg:

You can burn an X% of the total INITIAL VERSE supply to gain X% voting power on the DAO’s “board”.

*How to enable community voting?

Make on-chain polls with options decided by the rest of the digital board and let addresses vote directly on Solana, 1 address = 1 vote.

VERSE tokens programmed inflation:

From the second year Solarity will airdrop new tokens to token holders that staked the most during the previous years, using the formula:

The operations funding function:

This function is proposed to be the one used to calculate the reward to be assigned to contributors.

Walkthrough of the function:

This function is arbitrarily tuned to fit both the developers participation and the development schedule.

Parameters explanation:

0 <= a <=100: initial rewards share parameter

a behavior: (Initial reward threshold)

b behavior: (Linear constant dev. incentive)

c behavior: (How far is the target, combined with d)

d behavior: (How far is the target, combined with c)

h behavior: (Incremental dev. incentives)

Cloud computation stage 0’s model: mining pools

This infrastructure is imagined to be populated with individual miners, let’s say you’ve always wanted that rtx-3090 and Solarity could enable you to make money with it, when you’re not using it, to cover for the costs of the hardware.



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