What a year, huh?

2 min readNov 12, 2022

TLDR: We are still building and never been more focused on bringing real value to the next gen of Web3 Gamers.

What have we done this year?

  • Dealt with poor infrastructure while developing our own Web3 Game
  • Started working towards fixing those problems
  • Pivoted from “Metaverse” to Gaming Network
  • Rebranded to SGN

So what are the big problems we found?

  • Web3 Gamers are missing a social layer to keep in touch with players they meet along their journey
  • Web3 Game teams waste lots of energies without a platform like Steam for the browser to reach users and bring their games to market
  • Games need an oracle to bring game data on-chain to unlock true ownership interoperability between games & have on-chain trophies
  • Twitter and Discord are great as general tools for web communities but are unfit as gaming specific places to hang-out

What’s the way forward?

We are committed to build a Gaming Network built by Gamers for Gamers where Game Studios get to keep the value they generate thanks to disintermediating blockchain technologies

Web3 Gaming is here to stay and we’ll build all the way through, supporting existing Game Studios and onboarding the next generation of Game Developers